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Dear Pastor or Youth Leader,                                     September 28th, 2006

Our Last Winter Camp!
No, that is not a typo.  This will be Genesee Valley Baptist Camp’s last winter camp.  On the surface that does not seem to make sense – the camp is always full, people trust Christ, decisions are made, and it is a great time.  Why would we end it?  Well, this will be our 13th winter camp.  When I started it with Pastor Mick, I had only been saved for 6 years, I was not yet called to preach, and GVBC did not even exist yet!  Now GVBC has 2 weeks of junior camp, 2 weeks of teen camp, about 650 people last summer, retreats for men and ladies, and 2 sport tournaments.  I feel that, with the growth and blessing of summer camp, that God wants me to focus my efforts in that direction. 

Our Last….Sort of…
Although God has been dealing with me for some time about ending winter camp, I have been very reluctant to even consider it because of how blessed winter camp has been – there were a dozen saved last year and there were so many decisions!  The solution to this difficulty is that I will be handing off winter camp to Pastor Richard (Buster) Mick.  We co-founded winter camp together and I took it over solo when he left youth ministry and went into the pastorate.  After this last camp, I will be giving it back to him – although I’m sure that winter camp will not stay exactly the same.  He is different from me – actually, if you know him, then you realize that he is different from just about anyone on the planet! Smile  I’m sure he will be able to devote more time and energy into making winter camp better.  I also look forward to going to camp as a youth pastor once again (a beautiful privilege that I miss) and giving him a hard time for a change!

One Last Time!
With this being my last time running the Winter Retreat, it is now your last chance to come.  I also want to give a special invitation to teens and former teens who have attended winter camp in the past to come back for one last reunion before winter camp changes forever!

Remember, the camp always fills up quickly so send your registrations in early!  Pray and fast for God’s blessing!

In Christ,
Pastor Jim Krohn  (585) 872-1137
Isaiah 6:8

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